Friday, August 14, 2009

I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky ...

INeKE Chemical Bonding

Chemical Bonding is up today, representing for the letter C. Chemical Bonding is
sparkling citrus + powdery soft = a flirtatious alchemy.

Top notes: citrus blend, tea, blackberry
Middle notes: dewy peony
Bottom notes: vetiver, amber, powdery musk
My reaction to Chemical Bonding is a testament to how much a nose can improve over time. I think this was my least favorite of the group when I first started trying the set. At the time, I couldn’t discern its delightful complexity. When I first sniffed it about eight months ago, I thought it smelled really synthetic, but I find little to none of that now. Now I smell the tea notes and the citrus independently in the application, and I feel the amber and vetiver come through in the drydown. This is much more citrusy and sweet than L’Artisan Tea for Two, and ultimately more feminine than the L’Artisan offering. I think if you like citrus and/or tea scents, you might like this one as a twist on those more common themes.

In your love,
my salvation lies
in your love,
my salvation lies...

- "Orange Sky," Alexi Murdoch

INeKE is available directly from the perfumer at the INeKE website, as well as from BeautyHabit and a list of stores available on the INeKE website.

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